Landing App – Powering Offroad

Stronger. Faster.More Competitive.

The 1st Physical Conditioning App for Riders

Improve your riding by training your fitness

Being a better rider means mastering the 8 physical skills needed to level up in Enduro, Motocross, Trials, Rally, Downhill, MTB…

Whether you are amateur or pro, rookie or expert, want to win races or just have more fun: this Training App will take you to ride better, faster and enjoy more your sport.

For any amateur rider wanting to improve their physique to improve their riding.

  • Stronger

    Being able to preserve your strength for longer and move your dirt bike easily.

  • More Endurance

    Feeling less fatigued after several hours riding or racing.

  • More balance

    Falling or crashing less often and feeling more agile to overcome the most treacherous sections.

  • Less pain

    Put an end to arm pump, back and shoulder pain. At last.

  • Keep yourself motivated

    Training with purpose, setting goals and feeling on the bike what you work out at the gym.

  • Win more races

    The best bike can’t make you a winner. Getting yourself fit for riding, does.

Your custom training plan

The algorithm inside the app customizes for you more than 800 workout combinations and 400 video exercises.

You will develop the 8 physical skills needed by riders, to get your peak condition ahead of your important races or keep your fitness level to ride all year round.

Track your progress

The App tracks your evolution and comes up with new challenges. Train your way through several levels to go from rookie to pro. Besides feeling the improvements in your bike, you’ll be able to watch them in your own graphic.


This App is based in our specific Physical Conditioning Method proven to work for off-road sports, tested in thousands of amateur and pro riders all over the world. No other App contains a training plan like this, specifically desinged to make you ride your bike or dirt bike better.

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Pablo David


“I’ve felt very comfortable, the workouts are really good, in a short time i’ve seen changes in my riding and my sensations on the bike… it really surprised me”

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Adrián Carro


“Useful, it’s a very accesible option for everyone to begin working out and knowing you are doing it right, because this app gives you everything, your own training guide made easy”

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Danny Villalobos

Costa Rica

“With this app, you have everything! It really motivates you to train and improve and makes you look forward to riding on the weekend”